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This Is My Hand


I was recently very lucky to hear the new My Brightest Diamond record in it’s entirety. It is just DYNAMITE. Shara Worden is one of my favorite newer artists and is so fantastically talented. Maybe it is more common these days to find musicians doing it themselves: writing, recording, arranging, producing? Certainly everyone tries to... or has to, often out of necessity, but I am rarely convinced it couldn’t have been better served by help, especially in the recording, arranging dept. This is not a dis to anyone, It’s just that I am just a big believer in the musical gene pool. You just can’t plan for people’s instincts; they are just too weird and unpredictable... and every side-job is very much an art. Thankfully.

Anyway, all to say: Shara delivers in those arenas all by herself. She is a wonderful assured writer, a very creative, thoughtful composer of string and wind parts and what an instrument is her voice. It’s feels nice to be completely blown away by new music. Not to say she doesn’t ask for and get help from the best on this record: Undersung hero Chris Bruce on bass and guitar, Zach Rae-keys and the great Earl Harvin on drums. Mixed and mastered by iconoclast Husky Huskolds.

Buy this when it comes out on Sept 16th.
Shara’s site.

Jeff Parker Quartet at The Blue Whale- August 26th


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