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By eschewing the lush instrumentation of some of her early solo work, Mann and producer Paul Bryan give Mental Illness an exceptionally spacious feel.
Paste Magazine

For 44 minutes, Mann slips into the skin of someone walking an emotional tightrope, and it’s an act she pulls of with grace and conviction.
Consequence Of Sound

Four Stars -

Heartbreak and misanthropy run rampant over the course of the album's 38 minutes, but the remarkable thing about this self-consciously sorrowful album is that Mental Illness doesn't feel depressing. Chalk it up to the lush production from Paul Bryan and wry delivery from Mann, a combination that softens whatever sadness lies at the record's core. In many ways, Mental Illness feels like a deliberate retort to the bright colors of its predecessor, 2012's Charmer.
-All Music

This is her quintessential statement, a wake-up call delivered as a lullaby. -Pitchfork

Ultimately, Mental Illness could be called Mann’s masterpiece, an emotional touchstone in a career that’s had no shortage of purely mesmerizing moments. It’s as good as it gets, thanks to her ability to blend subtlety and suggestion in equal measure, no small accomplishment by any definition. In Mann’s hands, desire and determination find clear expression, leaving an indelible imprint in their wake. This Mental Illness breeds a clarity that‘s unmistakably extraordinary. -Glide
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