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Pure Pop for sophisticated, snarky people.
Q Magazine
Sonically, it’s as playful as it is powerful… she and her producer/bandmate Paul Bryan also have the deep musical knowledge and critical distance to play with musical influences like toys.
Mix Magazine
An Americana and power pop confection with piano and guitars swaddled in the choicest of vintage tones.
(4 of 5 stars) -Mojo magazine

The work of a sharp, confident veteran who's never strayed far from the top of her game. -NPR

A near perfect follow-up to 2008’s @#%&*! Smilers -The Austin Chronicle

A peppy, perky collection of literate pop. “Charmer” is a powerful and meaningful album. -ABC news

An immediate, engaging pop record. 4of 5 stars. -AllMusic

Mann and producer Paul Bryan have pushed the electric guitars of "Bachelor No. 2" into the background… Retrosounding synthesizers whirl, pulse and chime, but they're applied with subtlety and perhaps a bit of irony in a lean, contemporary environment. -Wall Street Journal

Sharply rendered songs of regret and rebuke piped forth by her dolefully elegant voice. -Uncut

This is actually Paul Bryan's third time working with Mann… It sounds as though he's just pointing the microphones in the right direction and letting these songs breathe on their own. -Blurt Online

Another sweet viper's bite of post-Freudian dyspepsia from the singersongwriter who loves to mistrust. A recapitulation of old virtues… -Independent UK

The title track is proof from the get-go that Mann's allure is intact as ever, drawing us into the record with its chugging guitar, power-pop sheen and Mann's trademark droll drawl. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's catchy as hell, an attribute that runs through the album and makes this one of Mann's most immediately accessible albums. -The Digital Fix

Clever, witty, well produced by band member Paul Bryan… -Sabotage

Timeless, adult pop-rock tinged with scatterings of ‘80s buzz. (4.5 of 5 stars)

Mann drives to the core of the human condition, as only she so effortlessly does… (4 of 5 stars) -Glide Magazine

There is a ferocious intelligence at work throughout this, her eighth, album.

(8 of 10 stars) -Pop Matters

On her eighth solo album, "Charmer," she and her regular producer, Paul Bryan, blend crisp guitars, new wave-ish keyboards and "Abbey Road" bass lines into melodies that already have considerable pep. -JS online

Mann has raised bemused regret to an art form, and with songs that are knowing, wry and effortlessly catchy, Charmer ranks among her strongest work. -M Music Magazine

if you've never listened to her, this would be a good album to start. -Charleston Gazette

Another fine body of work from an evergreen talent.

Charmer stands right among her best work. Its songs overflow with invention, from the intricate arrangements to the uniformly first-rate melodies and the lyrics that irresistibly swirl together wit, intelligence and emotion. -Press-Telegram

Picking up a copy of Aimee Mann's latest LP, Charmer, I was reminded yet again of why I’ve come to prefer vinyl over digital download for music.

We’re blue in the face telling all and sundry that, with each successive album, US singer and songwriter Aimee Mann just keeps getting better and better. (4 stars) -The Irish Times

Among songwriters, Mann ranks with our most psychologically astute. “Charmer” adds an appealing twist in its musical arrangements. -New York Daily News

Cooly reserved, artfully crafted retro-pop. -The News And Advance

Her first new release in four years… worth the wait. A whip-smart singer-songwriter, Mann uses her latest song cycle to ponder the shadowy narcissist that can lurk beneath a charismatic exterior. -The Chicago Tribune