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100 Best Albums Of 2020
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Produced By Paul Bryan and Jeff Parker

Daily concerns seem to fall away during Cunningham’s collective emotional journey—even the act of criticism itself.…the album’s construction is imbued with a sensitive, meticulous studio wizardry. -

The complex landscape of human emotions is still vastly uncharted, but every true work of art adds a little piece to the puzzle. This can be done in many ways, but it is rare that an album connects emotion with complex layers of memory, interpersonal relations, politics and societal structures. Nevertheless, this is what drummer and composer Jeremy Cunningham's album does.

The Weather Up There broadens the perspective of grief and invites the listener to meditate on the meaning of guns. Violence is essentially the end of language and communication. This record is the beginning of a complex conversation.
-Jakob BaekGaard, All About Jazz