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“...A fine record, with spare, sharp rhythm parts highlighting the strong, bluesy vocals, and featuring uncommonly effective string-quartet arrangements, written and conducted by the album’s producer, Paul Bryan, who has previously worked with Aimee Mann. “
The New Yorker August 2010
INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD WINNER 2011! Best Folk, Singer-Songwriter Album
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In early spring 2009, I read in the LA Weekly that Amy Correia was going to be playing at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. We were friends from back when I lived in Brooklyn. I had always loved her unique feel, singular soulful voice and imagistic songwriting but hadn’t seen her in quite a while. It was a great show and we made plans to have lunch while she was in town. A day or two later, we reconnected and the idea of making a record together came up.

As we talked about what kind of album her new songs suggested, the idea of simultaneously recording two records came to the fore: one that leaned to the orchestral and another one with more of a gospel feel. Amy had written songs that suggested both of these directions and it seemed like a thoughtful way to go…

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Tracking with the pups! Jay Bellerose (Buster), Paul, Amy, Ryan Freeland (Winston)
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Chavonne Stewart and Aletha Mills (Nava Morris not pictured)
Rehearsing the horn section for 'Carolina Rail'. Careful with that tuba Eugene!
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The fantastic string section of (L to R) Mike Block, Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin, Amy Weiss, and Matt Szmela.
@Stratosphere Sound NYC
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