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Note: This fun conversation with Paul Vnuk is largely about the gear we used making Aimee Mann’s Mental Illness record. But looking back at the printed version of our talk, what is absent are the names of the great engineers who have showed me in one way or another how to record, mix and solve audio problems. Nothing beats doing it yourself and failing towards success, but no one exists in a vacuum. We all need help and I have gotten more than my share. I have been lucky to work with some really talented mixers over time and have gleaned something from every one of them; I pick peoples brains at every session. Recently here in Los Angeles, Pete Min and Husky Huskolds come to mind.

I particularly want to shout out to the four master engineers and great friends who taught me essentially everything that Paul and I speak about in the article- from mic choices to problem solving. I have have spent hundreds of hours behind them watching and listening (stealing their s**t!) I owe them more than a little. Specifically Ryan Freeland (who mixed Mental Illness and many other records I have produced) and has saved me from myself more than once. Thanks Ry!

Take some time and look them up, listen to their records and hear how it is done.

Ryan Freeland, Chris Rival, Kevin Killen and my mentor/big brother in NYC (and reminder to keep the bar high): Randy Ezratty.
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