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Best Singer Songwriter Record of 2009… Pick of The Year.
iTunes Editorial Staff
One of the top 20 records of 2009
Magnet Magazine
Grant-Lee Phillips’ most adventurous solo album yet never neglects the date who brought him to the dance: the big guitar throb of Grant Lee Buffalo. But Phillips has also added textured elements to his sound that constantly surprise. “It Ain’t The Same Old Cold War Harry” could be an update of the revered Fletcher Henderson/Duke Ellington big-band sound of the late ’30s. Phillips’ confident baritone is now right up front in a superlative recording by producer/bassist Paul Bryan that gives this music a transparency seldom heard in an era of too many tracks and not enough substance.- Magnet Magazine
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Tracking The Section Quartet on 'Older Now'
L to R is semi-circle:

Eric Gorfain vln
Daphne Chen vln
Alma Fernandez vla
Richard Dodd vcl

This was done at Ryan Freeland's Culver City studio.
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Jay Bellerose- drums, Paul Bryan- bass
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Jamie Edwards- piano and keys
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Sebastian Aymans, Grant Lee Phillips, Jay Bellerose, Paul Bryan, Jebin Bruni
This is a re-recording we did in Jay’s living room one afternoon. We were quite jet-lagged from a 24 hour flight home from Norway and while it may not seem like it, we are actually playing live here; the music you hear is not pre-recorded.

***Geeky Gear Note: Dig Jay’s cool ‘New Hampshire-Chic’ light up bass drum. Patrick is playing my tiny Tom Thumb piano.
This is a (lucky!) recording of the master take for Older Now, cut live with Jamie Edwards on piano and The Section Quartet.
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